Comcast Takes Mentoring “Beyond School Walls”

In honor of National Mentoring Month, we are highlighting collaborations with two partners, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tucson and Mayor Rothschild.

Comcast has partnered with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tucson for two years on the Beyond School Walls program. Employees serve as Bigs to their mentees, Littles, who come from a local school in the Tucson area. All Littles are at-risk youth with challenges ranging from low-income single-parent families to homelessness. The program provides Littles with stable adult mentors and exposure to a work environment. They get together during the employees’ lunch hour or after school and spend the hour working on academics, playing, and eating a healthy lunch.

“I sincerely feel privileged to be present when our Comcast Bigs and Littles meet each week,” said Valerie Propst, Program Coordinator, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tucson. “Being able to observe the interactions between the Bigs and Littles and watch their relationships grow is a joy.”

“I had no idea how much my little would impact my life,” said Kyle Dutton, Customer Experience Supervisor, Comcast Arizona market. “My little has taught me that when life is hard you can still have fun. He has shown improvements of his own as well. He is more polite and shows an interest in helping others. I love being a mentor because I get to see the results of hard work and friendship.”

This past year, Comcast began collaborating with Mayor Rothschild on his Youth Mentoring Initiative. The initiative launched this year and aims to improve the quality of life for underserved youth in Southern Arizona communities.

Learn about volunteering opportunities with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tucson and the Youth Mentoring Initiative.

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